Carter Logistics makes safety our priority every moment of every day.  We understand that for each of us there is someone at home waiting for our return.  Striving to make trucks, docks, warehouses, maintenance garages, and even offices safe is paramount to being a successful organization.

Safety training is essential to putting a reliable solution in front of our customers.  Well-trained drivers, traffic managers, and dock handlers mean quicker and safer deliveries with fewer disruptions, fewer accidents, and damage-free product handling.

Maintaining our facilities and fleets safely means that you can rely upon us to make good on our promise that Carter Logistics will cut delivery times and save you money.  We work closely with our partner company, Carter Express, to ensure that they are keeping their warehouse associates, drivers, and routes safe so that we all may rejoin our loved ones after the workday. We are committed to ensuring safety in everything that we do so you can be proud to be a part of the Carter Logistics family.

While others may talk about safety, Carter Logistics has the track record to prove it:


The Carter Logistics Safety Assurance:

  • We partner with only the best in the industry where safety is concerned.
  • We monitor all our carriers’ CSA 2010 ratings and only work with those below the intervention threshold in every measurement.
  • We only hire carriers who have all required insurance coverage, great driving records, and who comply with all drug and alcohol testing regulations.
  • We are diligent in trying to hire only best candidates available and are innovative in providing careful and thoughtful training to our employees.
  • We do everything within our power to make sure your freight is delivered free of damage and in compliance with all applicable regulations.


Carter Express’ Commitment to Safety

  • Carter Express is the winner of the “Supplier Excellence Award” and the “Best in Class Truckload/Milk Run Carrier” award.
  • We have been Ranked 1st in North America for safety three different years by the Truckload Carrier Association.
  • Our Vice President of Operations was named Safety Professional of the Year by Indiana Motor Truck Association.
  • Each truck is subject to a 21-point maintenance checklist every visit.
  • Each truck is governed at 65 mph to ensure that they are operating at the safest and most fuel efficient speeds at all times.
  • Trailers are equipped with reflective trailer arrows that alert oncoming traffic of the stopped trailer and clearly inform which direction should be taken to safely pass it.
  • We provide thorough training of all new drivers for a minimum of four weeks after driving school as well as the passing of all state and federal testing.