Turn Your Supply Chain
into a Competitive Advantage

Constantly Growing
Supply Chain Management is a business buzzword that translates to “I need it, and I need it now.” Of course, to make “just-in-time” inventory workable, we all have to perform leaner and meaner than ever before, all while operating at the lowest cost possible.

Carter Logistics can turn your supply chain from an irritating challenge to a competitive advantage
as we are constantly expanding our offerings, making you the most efficient operation around.

The Carter Competitive Advantage includes:

Inventory Reduction

Excess inventory carries high cost and eats up valuable space and labor that can be redirected to enhance production. The implementation of our supply chain solutions will allow your company to have more space on your production floor and less inventory in your facility. By allowing you to receive exactly what you need every day, your business is able to drive down the costs and inefficiencies associated with excess inventory.

Returnable Container Management

Many businesses are realizing the cost savings and improved customer satisfaction of implementing returnable container management. Expendable packaging is a hidden cost which results in financial charge backs by suppliers, damage to shipments of product and repackaging cost at your facility. Carter Logistics handles your returnable containers as part of our Shared Milk Run, providing you with the benefits of green practices in your supply chain.

Consistent Schedule Management

A consistent delivery to your facility gives you the ability to only staff your dock when necessary. The repetitive dock processes result in less training time and lower turnover rates which will reduce your total labor costs. A dependable supply chain also reduces the number of manufacturing line changes and translates into production efficiencies.

Reduced Transportation Costs

Our “split-bill” methodology allows you to pay only for the percentage of the trailer that you use. Instead of paying for deliveries from each of your suppliers every week, you get your full day requirements from each of your suppliers in one shipment. In addition, your returnable containers will be shipped through our Milk Run which will reduce your cost of returning containers to your suppliers.

Reduced Labor Costs

Handling high levels of inventory leads to labor inefficiencies on your dock. Gain the advantage of reducing labor costs by realizing the benefits of the end-to-end workflow that Shared Milk Run provides. Your supplies can be taken directly from the dock to the production line, and your finished goods can go directly from the production line to the dock.

Timely Innovations

A strong supply chain allows you to operate more efficiently and with greater accuracy, which will allow you to focus on your core business. Also, Carter is committed to innovation in our own practices and we are constantly re-evaluating our practices and our routes to ensure we are offering the best possible service at the lowest possible cost.

Environmentally Responsive Solutions

Consumers are demanding businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. By optimizing your shipments, we reduce the energy used to move freight. As an active member of SmartWay, we are proud of our commitment to optimize freight and conserve energy.

Eliminate Waste
We were told from childhood to “waste not, want not.” Carter Logistics takes that admonition seriously. Through our Carter Express “Milk Run,” our analysis of your Supply Chain process cuts the waste out of the operation, making you a transportation powerhouse.

The Carter Competitive Advantage eliminates:

  • Missed delivery windows
  • Reusable container loss and charge backs
  • Holding inventory until minimum shipping lot is achieved
  • Damaged freight


The Carter Competitive Advantage also provides you with “direct to trailer” services to make sure your inventory moves as quickly as you do.