Carter Express Receives Grant Through Skill Up Indiana


After years of working with WorkOne and Ivy Tech to provide tuition support to truck driver trainees, Carter Express received a grant from Skill Up Indiana.  Through partnerships like these, Carter Express has helped approximately 250 drivers to date.  Our partner carrier strongly believes in giving their drivers the resources they need, and that includes qualified potential applicants.  Truck driving is a challenging and rewarding career that rewards hard work and excellence.  Carter Express is always looking for opportunities, like this grant, that help remove financial barriers for people who are ready to begin their driving career.

Hear about the application process from Carter Express Director of Recruiting, Jim Fairfield:

Over 300 employers, work development associations, and schools participated in the Skill Up Indiana application program.  All entities formed group partnerships with hopes of being awarded a portion of the available grant monies.  Each partnership group was required to complete a detailed application process and create written presentations highlighting their plan for maximizing the use of the grant funds.  Many of the presentations were incredibly impressive.  

After three separate stages of written applications and proposals, an expansion of the Carter application to include seven additional area (Region 5) employers, a two-hour phone interview with the Skill Up Indiana council (Carter was the lead applicant and represented our eight employer group) and a face-to-face presentation of our proposal to the Indiana Regional Works Council, the state of Indiana notified us (today) that our eight-employer group is being awarded $247,500 in grant monies, one of the higher amounts granted. 

All monies must be used for training and adding jobs at the eight involved employers.  For Carter, we plan to continue the new driver training program.    


Jim Fairfield

Jim Fairfield and Indiana Governor, Mike Pence