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Have you heard about Carter Logistics’ Carrier Network? We like to think of our Carrier Network as the perfect partnership between carriers and logistics. We take care of all the sales and securing the loads so you can concentrate on getting them there.

We understand what it’s like to be carrier. After all, our sister company Carter Express IS a carrier! That’s why we make sure to offer:

  • Consistent Work – Keep your trucks moving and be confident that there’s more to come.
  • Easy Scheduling – Less time figuring out your scheduling means more time on the road.
  • Simple & Quick Payment – You shouldn’t have to deal with a long, complicated payment process.

Why do we go to all of this trouble? It’s because we’re not just looking for a carrier who can take the odd load or two. We want to build lasting working relationships with our carrier partners. Our focus is on working with our partners to maximize driver hours and route efficiency.

Here’s how that translates in practice:

  • Dedicated Opportunities – If you can do the job, we won’t make you fight for it every time.
  • Consistent Lanes & Volumes – Get stability and predictability in your schedule.
  • Continual Growth Opportunities – As Carter Logistics grows, so do our partners!
  • Power-Only Options – If you’ve got the tractor, we’ve got the loads ready for you to haul.
  • Lanes In & Out of USA, Canada, & Mexico – No matter where you’re based, we can find routes to fit your drivers.
  • Accelerated Payment Options – Keep your business running with accelerated payments when you need them the most!

Ready to see what working with Carter Logistics can do for your company?

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