Knowing Your Way Around Mexico Logistics


Any transportation process has a lot of moving parts to keep track of, which is, of course, why companies use a Third Party Logistics Company like Carter Logistics in the first place. But when you introduce international transportation to, from, and within Mexico, the variables and costs are even higher.

Here are a few of the things we do to maximize efficiency and control costs in Mexico Logistics.

Shared Milk Runs

Milk runs get their name from the old dairy milk runs where a single tanker would collect milk from multiple dairies every day. The milk would be consolidated to a single location before being shipped out. The result was less waste, more consistent inventory, and lower costs.

The same strategy is employed to help you maximize your Mexico deliveries, border services, and intra-Mexico shipments. Shipments are coordinated to visit a variety of suppliers at once, minimizing waste to give you a lean transportation system, even over the border.

Split-Bill Methodology

What makes our Shared Milk Runs different is our patented Split-Bill Methodology. This logistics piece is unique to Carter Logistics, and you simply won’t find it anywhere else.

The logic is simple: Why pay for what you don’t use? We only bill you for the percentage of the load that you use and bill the other customers on the trailer for the percentage they use. As far as we’re concerned, you shouldn’t have to pay the same amount if you use 50% of the load as you would if you only used 20%. This helps to keep costs low, even on international shipments.

Strategic Placement

A key part of that lean strategy is having the right locations set up to handle those runs. A good strategy will have consolidation centers that spread out along the common routes to ensure that everything is being gathered and routed with just-in-time principles in mind.

Across the border, we’ve got consolidation centers in Queretaro, San Luis Potosi, Silao, Monterrey, and Saltillo. We’ve also recently opened up a new terminal in Laredo, Texas. Located right on the Mexican border in Southern Texas, it’s the perfect location for coordinating shipments going into, or coming out of Mexico.